About Us

ADEQ FLOOR established an office in Telok Panglima Garang (Selangor) that served Klang Valley contractors and designers in the year 2018. In the span of 5 years, as demand for quality flooring increased, ADEQ FLOOR’s name became more prominent.

We specialized in SPC flooring, laminated flooring, engineered timber flooring, solid timber hardwood flooring, and outdoor timber decking. Our products are tested and certified for quality to give you the best performance and durability.

Today, we have established the ADEQ FLOOR brand as one of the leading flooring solutions providers in the country. Moving with the times, we embraced the digital way of doing business and introduced the country’s first online flooring shopping platform. Besides that, we also offer products with competitive prices. The products are developed to provide the best solution to suit commercial and residential. Our air conditioning is very important, especially for Malaysia.